AI in 2050

AI in 2050 Dare to Think

AI in 2050 dare to think

Can you dare to think about the world of 2050? Where your children might be making girlfriends in Metaverse if not creating according to their best fit. Looks strange right? But I think this will happen. Your brain might be tired of working 24X7, let it rest till you read entire article.

In this article we are going think, yes think!!! We will think about the world full of technology, anxiety, stress, loneliness and all which you felt after scrolling reels for 2 hours. Let us dive into other side of AI to real world and discuss the effects for the upcoming lonely world.

The Apple vision pro effect : reel and real world

Apple vision pro effect

Recently apple has launched its one of the all time best product named as apple vision pro nothing but almost everything. Its really tough to ignore the drastically changing world specially towards technology. After launch of apple vision pro i have noticed such new way of living. Till now most of the innovations were into the category of either use it fully or leave it. Means, you can use it, but in virtual world only. There wasn’t space for reality. In the special case of Apple vision pro, it integrated Virtual reality with reality in such a great way! it takes only few seconds to drive you from your dream car to your real car. Nothing just reel vs real thing. Apple vision pro brought Reel and real together.

In results, now you can live your reel life in your real life and can ignore real life. There are no such problems for them who don’t give a damn about technology and just live their life in reality. The upcoming world is going to be really tough for those who are not getting enough “Attention”. Hope I am clear with you. Those who are not getting enough attention in real life, they will try to find in in virtual life and will be even lonely. This is not it!! Stress and negetivity will be add-ons to the dish of “Fresh-Attention”. Take care!!!

Hope I will be wrong, hope these are just words not the reality! There will be plenty benefits of tech-lead world, but this is something one can’t ignore! At the end of the day if you have peace of mind, you have win your life, if not then you are trying for it. But This rapidly changing world will cost us our most precious “Peace of mind”.

We-aimarketingmedia are the part of this tech eco-system and promoting AI for marketing and automation but we will make sure that not a single reader costs peace of mind.

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