Will you trust AI based video editing? Thoughts about AI video editing future in Future

Hey there, Video editing is getting really big industry in this tech-lead world. When parents shares reel to their childrens if not filming them to create instagram reel content. In this world we are going to think about one of the building block of content industry that is “Editing”. You are very well aware about editing how it works and why people use it. You can understand it using example of how movies being made. We will try to think about video editing while having constant AI in our mind.


Think of any big player in photo and video editing domain, they started adding AI flavour to their multi-million dollar softwares. You can name any canva, adobe premier pro, capcut, kine-master any means any. After launch of chat-gpt and DALL-E, it opened new ways and opportunities towards video editing industry. Everyone is trying to add AI into their “ANY”business.

“Future youtuber: Hey AVE(AI video editor-software), this is my raw video file. Can you just edit it and post it to my youtube channel?

AVE: yes, sure. Consider it done! “

Can you imagine conversation with your AI bot like this? If not then this crazy article for you, otherwise it is only for you. Let us discuss the possibilities into video editing industry.

Content creation field is growing rapidly. When creation of “Something” is increasing, then editing of the same “something” will increase with the same speed.

At very base level what we have is
a) content creation
b) content editing

In current time not everyone is ready to accept the AI generated content but eventually everyone will accept it just because everything will be automated. All of the humans will have personal gadgets like apple vision pro and living in realtual (real+ virtual) world. As they were living in 50% virtual world, 50% of their life decisions will be based on the technology. If they can live 24X7 with gadgets, then there is no such space to think about “Can human trusts AI generated stuff??”.

In recent time, AI can create very base level content. But eventually it will be the main producer of content just because of it’s 1000% efficiency. So if AI can produce content, they it can surely edit whatever content we provide them!!!

Just imagine a world, where you are comparing editing style of 10 different youtube videos and asking the video owner that which AI-based solution they used, if not asking to your AI-Assistant..hahaha!!!!

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